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Enterprise User keeps being deactivated randomly

Hello there!
Thank you in advance for any advice here. I'm a little confused.
I support a company that uses Enterprise Lastpass for all employees. This is the only reoccurring problem I have found in the past 8 months or so.
There is a user who keeps randomly being deactivated. She has reported it 4 times to me. Each time, she is showing as deactivated in the admin portal

1. Reported on 4/23
- reactivated, assumed it was a random mistake and closed issue
2. Reported on 5/13
- reactivated, reset her master password to something stronger, confirmed login in Chrome with her myself, monitored for a few days, nothing came back up
3. Reported on 6/8
- reactivated, tried to open a support case with LastPass, haven't heard back yet
4. Reported on 7/1
- reactivated and posting here.

Am I missing something that is kicking the user out? She has an available license, there are no errors on her account, just randomly is deactivated one day. Any assistance is appreciated!
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Re: Enterprise User keeps being deactivated randomly

I am facing an identical issue. I see there are no replies here. Any ideas from support??
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Re: Enterprise User keeps being deactivated randomly

I have seen this myself when an AD group was used to enable/disable accounts. If the user is not member of the designated group, the account will become disabled.