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Google Account 2fa TOTP not working with Lastpass?

I saw recently that Lastpass Enterprise now offers TOTP storage from the vault ( This is fantastic, thank you for implementing this feature.


I've been able to migrate several accounts successfully to using the vault's TOTP generator. However, when trying to setup 2fa TOTP codes on, Google is consistently rejecting the generated code as invalid. Again, I've been successful in migrating other accounts, so it is not user error. (I am able to setup Google's 2fa codes in Authy, Google Authenticator, etc.)



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Re: Google Account 2fa TOTP not working with Lastpass?

The main TOTP issue is typically secret not being in sync. If your app and account do not have the same secret, it will not work. Try resyncing teh secret.


The other cause is typically time. Usually the devices is set to GMT time and then you set a timezone to offset from GMT. If the clock is off, then syncing will fail. Try to make everyone sync to the same clock.



Schyler Jones
New Contributor

Re: Google Account 2fa TOTP not working with Lastpass?

This seems to be more of a problem with the TOTP feature. In the past 2 days I've had issues with both PayPay and Microsoft 365. In the case of PayPal, when I was attempting to setup TOTP, PayPal would not accept the 6-digit 2FA code LastPass was generating. I tried about a dozen times before reverting to Authy which worked 1st try. This morning I tried logging into a Microsoft 365 account w/2FA enabled - this account had been previously setup using the TOTP feature in LastPass, and was used yesterday without issue. However, this morning, Microsoft would absolutely not accept the TOTP code. So it does appear that LastPass TOTP has some internal issues.

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Re: Google Account 2fa TOTP not working with Lastpass?



Since this feature is currently only available for Enterprise users, we would recommend reaching out to the Enterprise support team to let them know if you are having any difficulties both to get with to see if they can resolve this issue and to let them know of any issues/bugs with this feature.  You can access our Enterprise support number through your LastPass Admin Console > Support.

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