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How do you unexpire expired invitations?

I have LastPass Enterprise and I see I have users who have expired invitations.


One user reached out saying she could not sign up for LastPass because her invitation expired, so I re-send the invitation, however, the console still says the invitation has expired.


I asked her to try the new email, she is still told that the invitation is expired still.


So how exactly are we to 're-invite' a person, short of deleting them and re-inviting them?

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Are you able to access the Admin Console at, Click Users and select a user then click the "..." icon at the top right and choose the option to Reinvite the user?


If you're having trouble locating this option you can also contact our Enterprise support team via phone for help as well. You can access our Enterprise support number through your LastPass Admin Console > Support




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I did that with the user and she stated that it didn't work.  I was forced to delete the user and reinvite manually.

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We're having the same issue -- several of the Expired Invitation users got moved over to Invited when we resent the invitations -- but many remained in the Expired Invitation status.

There must be something about the configuration of these accounts that isn't right, but not seeing what it is. Will be reaching out to a couple users to see if they also are not receiving the invites. So -- same issue as you, about two years later 🙂