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New Contributor

How to change level of user access to shared folder

I have set up various shared folders for my team.
One of the users I have given permission to view/change passwords, and I now want to downgrade that so they can neither view nor change passwords.
I have admin access rights myself, but can't see how to do this.
My staff member who set it up in the first place is furloughed, so having to get myself up to speed.
Grateful for any help you can offer.
New Contributor

Re: How to change level of user access to shared folder

I am in a similar situation and haven't found anything else close to asking or answering this question, and this has been sitting for over a year without any response.


I assigned a user read-only permissions by mistake, and cannot see any way to update their folder permissions to increase the level of access.  In fact, I don't see any way to edit or remove permissions once granted.  Am I just missing something???


Do I have to remove and re-add the user completely to change their permissions on a given resource?

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