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How to securely request for employee logins?

We have an enterprise-level account with LP that we use at our company. Part of our new initiatives is creating an integration between point A and integrating those leads into Salesforce. To do so, we need the user's logins for their account at Point A. For example. if they want their Facebook leads to flow to their Salesforce account, we need their logins for Facebook. 


Is there a way to securely request their logins and have them automatically populated into our LastPass account? 

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Re: How to securely request for employee logins?

Hi @tlrocksnrl,


While there isn't a way to request credentials from users, users could share credentials stored in their Vault to you (or to whoever would need those credentials within the company) using the Charing Center and then the recipient can use those shared credentials. The person who shares the credentials does have the option to restrict the recipient to not be able to see what the password is, as well. 

The other option would be to create a Shared Folder and restrict users added to the shared folder to not be able to view/edit passwords shared with them via that Shared Folder (they can still log in to the site but can't view the password,) but in order to add items to a shared folder an Admin would need to add the site credentials to the shared folder:

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