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New Contributor

LastPass Support doesn't answer

Hello everybody,


I have an Enterprise plan and I am trying to get in contact via email with the support team since December, 28th but without success -- basically 19 days ago!!

I am using the "contact us" forms both at and but the result is always the same.


I've opened several tickets but I've just received an auto-reply via email with the case numbers and nobody from the support team got back to me.

Moreover I cannot see these tickets in "My Cases" list but somehow I can still access them with a direct link like and all the tickets that I've created are simply closed without any reason or comment.

To be sure that it was not an issue with my account, I've also asked one of my colleagues to submit a new case but the result didn't change.

I am not sure now if there is an issue with the support ticket system or if the support team is just ignoring and closing my requests, but the overall experience for me is extremely bad.


As an Enterprise customer I am expecting a 24/7 email support and with the highest priority according to the levels of customer support that LastPass offers and being ignored for more than 2 weeks is really unacceptable.


Is anybody else experiencing the same problems? 

New Contributor

Re: LastPass Support doesn't answer

Is there anybody who can help me to get an answer from the LastPass Support Team?