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LastPass Users Guide.pdf?

Happily trying the free version of LastPass I decided it was the 'one for me' and copied/cleared all the other passwords from my existing password manager. Thought this would be the best way for me exit my existing provider and do some 'housework' on everything before purchasing and loading up the paid for version. All seems sensible to me.
Then I tried to find the User’s Guide to have a gander. Enabling me to gain a better understanding (of course), save time and do it properly first time etc.
NO .pdf USERS GUIDE EXISTS? Unless I have been very stupid and myopic, which is very, very possible.
Is this correct please, no .pdf?
Vids and YouTube are often extremely useful for sure; however, I prefer a.pdf, a HARD COPY to read and annotate at my own time and speed.
Surely one exists.
As good as LastPass is, I am unlikely to purchase it or indeed anything not providing a user’s guide.
Can anyone shine some light on this for me please as its just stopped my buying LastPass and left me with no password manager as I was daft enough to clear my old one. I can still do it all manually, but it just slows everything down. Also, I am rather surprised at LastPass that one does not appear to exist just as a matter of course.
I usually check out a user’s manual and any other supporting system documentation/support guides etc. Often find it gives you a deeper insight into product/company.
This seems a massive error by LastPass .... er .... by me ...........
Grateful for any advice, many thanks,

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Re: LastPass Users Guide.pdf?



There is a "Get Started" guide on the LastPass Support site, at the very bottom left of this page:, there isn't a downloadable .pdf version but this Get Started guide has links to different topics/individual articles for different categories that should help answer most questions or address most topics.

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Re: LastPass Users Guide.pdf?

This answer was not helpful. I cannot find a link to Getting Started Guide as described. I agree there should be a User's Guide.