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New Contributor

LastPass with SecureCRT

My company has moved away from KeePass a year or so ago.

KeePass has a really good feature that I cannot find an equivalent for in LastPass.


With this feature, you can train KeePass to recognise a window, and with a hot-key combination, have KeePass paste in username and password details out of your database.

A major use for this is when using the application SecureCRT. This application is used to connect to system command lines (eg network devices or linux/unix systems).

When you connect to a system, SecureCRT throws up a dialogue box for username and password. A Hot-key combination sees KeePass do what is required and your connection to the system continues.

When we first moved from KeePass to LastPass, this was highlighted as a serious shortcoming for those of us who spend much of our day logging into network devices from within SecureCRT. In response, LastPass for Applications was recommended. It is not as good as the Auto-Type feature in KeePass. But it was better than nothing.

BUT - I have just discovered that LP for Applications has been Deprecated and no longer works!!!!

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance