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Mass Master Password Change

Is there a way to mass force change your user's Master Password?  I found this article, but as an admin, I do not see Master Passwords under Business Options. 

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Re: Mass Master Password Change

@JJ2022 I assume you mean a toggle to force all users to reset master password on next log in?


Without such an existing toggle (which likely would make them change it *every* time, you have a few options.

  • Change minimum character sets in master password, look for those that don't meet it, force change per user
  • Force change per user based on security of password, etc, reuse of master password as a password for a vault entry
  • Force change by viewing last change date of Master Password and only forcing change on those users --> this is the one I recommend and have executed recently for customers
  • Change master password length, complexity beyond what it currently has, force change per user that does not already meet this

Also make sure to prohibit master password reversion.


Good luck!