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Migrating users from 1 enterprise billing account to another

We had a business unit get acquired so we spun up a new LastPass Enterprise account for that new company.


Now I'm trying to move the affected users from our 1st account to this new account.  Support has not been at all helpful.


Anyone know if this is possible?  I'm an admin on both accounts.

LogMeIn Manager

Re: Migrating users from 1 enterprise billing account to another

Hi @kevino1 


Sorry for any frustration. I see that support has been in contact with you and provided the steps, but for anyone  else:

  • A user can only be part of one business account at a time, so they need to be removed (not deleted), from the current account and then invited to join the new account.
  • Before this happens the user should remove any sites they have shared from the shared folders and then delete the shared folder itself. They can create a new shared folder once they have been successfully added to the new account.



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