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Mobile Login with Federated Accounts Not Working


Has anybody else had immense issues logging into the LastPass mobile app with a federated account? My organization uses Azure AD federation that I set up through the LastPass admin portal. Login works perfectly through the browser extension for federated users. However, entering a federated email address into the mobile app will either crash the app (iOS) or cause it to freeze (Android). No MDM for the LastPass app specifically.


No sign-in logs are reaching Azure when attempting this. The sign-in requests do not seem to be making it to Azure AD at all, while logins through the browser extension work fine and are logged in Azure AD.


When LastPass was helping us set this up, they said we needed to follow steps 30-36 in this document since we had the presence of conditional access policies:


In Azure, for successful sign in logs from the browser extension, all of our conditional access policies say "not applied". Has anybody had this issue and worked through it, or have any ideas about what I might try to solve this? I have gone through the setup documentation a few times with one of my org's Azure engineers and everything looks fine from our end. LastPass support also cannot spot what is wrong with our config. I know this is a long shot since nobody would have visibility into my org's Azure tenant but thought I would throw a feeler out as this kind of makes LastPass worthless to my organization....


Thanks very much in advance for any advice or thoughts!!!


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Re: Mobile Login with Federated Accounts Not Working

I am seeing a similar issue, Android works but iOS does not