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MultiFactor Setup Loop

I am the account administrator for our company.


I am trying to get all of our users to setup MFA for their LastPass accounts. I already have the Microsoft authenticator setup for my account. 


LastPass is asking me to setup the LastPass authenticator for my account. It tells me "For your security, your organization now requires multifactor authentication for logins". So I followed the instructions and setup the LastPass authenticator on my phone, when I finish and confirm it takes me back to the same page. 


When I try to login to the browser addon or at the LastPass webpage, it prompts for the  authenticator rotating  code, If I enter the Microsoft authenticator it takes me back to the MFA setup page again. If I try the lastpass authenticator code it tells me "Microsoft Authenticator authentication failed!". I am stuck in this loop and cannot get into my account.


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.