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New user account sign up error page

I've done a few hours of googling at this point on this issue and am not making any head way. 


Last week a user requested a password reset. It was determined that deleting and recreating the account was the best option to assist this user. The former user was created under an older domain name. I created the new account as I have a few dozen at this point, under our new domain name. The user receives the following error upon clicking the link in the invite email


"Login required. 

Please log in to LastPass in your browser and refresh this page to complete activation" 


I've cleared the browser cache

had him go through an incognito window in chrome

had him use edge to attempt to complete the initial sign up 


with no change to his issue. the googling I've done has turned up the above suggestions as well as a few others, Largely focused on ensuring that any browser extensions are disabled (which I feel should have been by passed by attempting with Edge, but I could easily be wrong) 


I'm at the end of my knowledge and am not able to find anything else, figured this was my next stop. Thanks in advance all. 

New Contributor

I appreciate the response, however, that doesn't seem to apply in a situation where we can't actually log in to setup a password for this new account. Please let me know if I can provide more information 

GoTo Manager

Hi @KyleSECL, welcome to the community.


If you are still having this issue please click on my profile and send me a message with the email address of the user.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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