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One Password in Many Catagories

Hi - I manage our companies LastPass account where we store many account passwords that are shared.  Not every user has access to every password, so I have them organized into categories, and give users access to those categories.   There are times where I need to grant access for a specific user to a password that is not in a category that they should not have access to the other passwords.


It would be very helpful if I could put passwords into multiple categories but so far I have found a way to do that.   What am I missing, any help is appreciated!



LogMeIn Contributor

Re: One Password in Many Catagories

Hi @BurritoJohn,


You could try cloning the item and then adding that duplicate/cloned item to the other category, although if you ever do update that item (new username or password) both items would need to be updated: 

  • To clone a single item, right-click on the entry you wish to clone then select Clone.
  • To clone multiple items, check the boxes for each of your item entries, then use the Action drop-down menu and select Clone.
    If desired, you can make changes to the site password or secure note entry, otherwise if no changes are made the entry will be an exact copy of the original.

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