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Problems accessing shared family folder with connected enterprise account

I have started a LastPass family account from my Enterprise account.


For me, my girlfriend and my kids. Everything is fine and I created some shared folders with my family account (it was my existing personal account) so we can share netflix and disneyplus for example.


I also joined/connected my personal account to my Enterprise account, so I can login everywhere with my enterprise account, but I am able to access my personal stuff aswell.


Still everything is fine, but I cannot access my Shared Family Folders with my Enterprise account.. Am I missing something, or am I running against some kinda bug?

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Re: Problems accessing shared family folder with connected enterprise account

Hi @Frank-van-Braak,


The linked personal account folder between a LastPass Business user account and a personal user account operates as a Shared Folder between the two accounts. Sites that have already been shared cannot be accessed in your linked Enterprise account as they aren't part of your personal Vault but part of a shared folder. You would need to clone items in any Shared Folders in your Personal LastPass account to your own personal vault first, then you should be able to see them when logged in to your linked Enterprise account.



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