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Reset Password by Superadmin not available

I am superadmin from our LastPast Enterprise Account. The rule to reset users passwords as superadmin is set to my account and for some users, i have the ability to reset there master passwords.

Some of our users forgot there master password and exactly for those, i am not able to reset there master passwords. I used the option to reset there sessions already, but nothing changed. Is there another trick to force the reset of those users master password.

For a single user (with an empty vault), i tried to delete the account and re-add the mail again to re-create the account, but this user does not get an invite mail to activate his account.

NOTE: We are using
New Contributor

I too am having the same issue. It appears that I can only reset password for other super admin, but the option is not present for regular users.
New Contributor

Same issue here. I am using the US version of lastpass.
New Contributor

Same here: According to everything I've read I should be able to reset a user's master password, but that option is not appearing.
Respected Contributor

The administrator can contact support directly via the phone number listed in the admin console if they wish.
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I am also having this problem. Has anyone gotten an answer on how to do this?
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Same problem here. I hope we get a solution very soon.
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Did anyone get a fix for this?


Support advised for users that master pass reset isn't available for to get them to login out/in on the extension ... That worked except:

  • assumes users recall master password (chicken-egg anyone?)
  • aside manually checking every user, that's not a good solution
  • (and my favourite side-effect) re-adding or adding a sysadmin causes the problem to reset and happen all over again

Tried a few Admin to Super Admin reconfigs (hence the third side-effect) without success.



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