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SSO and automated provision

Dear community


In my company the number of employees increased during last 5 years and it became difficult to manage newcomers and employees who leave the company. 
Currently we use LastPass Enterprise to save and manage the passwords. 


We use many apps like Slack, Google Workspace, Lasptass, Trello, Facebook and Sendgrid and others and every time a new person comes we need to setup an new account for each app, setup 2FA for each account and give all that to the person who joins the company, When the person leaves and moves to another department, we need to revoke all the passwords one by one which is time consuming.


I heard that a lot of these problems can be dealt with if using SSO with automated provisioning. However, I am new to SSO and never tried to set it up before.


My question is 

1) Can i setup LastPass SSO to create a new Slack, Google Workspace, Trello, Facebook and Sendgrid accounts as soon as I create a new LastPass account? Is it safe to let LastPass to access all our business accounts with privileges to create and delete users? 

2) What are the benefits of using LastPass as opposed to say Google Cloud Identity? Whch one is easier to use and safer? and why? 

3) We have our own control panel accessible by login and password. (  ) is it possible to make it accessible via Lastpass SSO and how this can be achieved? do we need our IT department to modify the code to support Lastpass SSO api or do we need to apply for lastpass aproval and wait until the integration is done on Lastpass side?

thank you