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New Contributor

Salesforce multifactor authentication is not working

The status quo:
I do have two multifactor authentication (MFA) methods enabled in my account. Google MFA and Salesforce MFA. The Salesforce MFA has priority.If I try to login to my account, after I put in my master password, the MFA page pops up for a fraction of a second, with a message that the MFA with Salesforce failed. Then I get redirected to the login page again. Because the MFA page does not stay open, I cannot chose the Google Authenticator MFA option. I have tested this with different PCs and different browser and on my mobile, it is always the same behavior. 


What lead to this situation:
Due to a problem with the Salesforce Authenticator, I disabled the MFA for the Salesforce Authenticator in LastPass. Then I reenabled it, without deleting the old LastPass entry in the Salesforce App beforehand. The enabling of the Salesforce MFA worked fine on the first glance. There was one LastPass entry visible in the Salesforce App. But since then I experience the behavior described above in the section status quo. 


Potential solution:
As the bug is directly linked to the messed up Salesforce MFA, one solution would be to deactivate the Salesforce MFA in my account. That way the Google MFA would take priority and I would be able to login again. Unfortunately I have not found a way to contact somebody from the LastPass support team.  


By the way, I do not have any one time password, but I have setup a friend as an emergency contact.


I hope somebody has an idea.