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Sharing folders between linked LastPass Teams and Families

I'm a CSIO at a cyber security company and a long time LastPass fan. I recently convinced my company to start rolling over to LastPass Enterprise (we started with Teams as a trial). It is not going well.

It seems that LastPass's account linking feature ( ... t-lp010028) is broken. If you share folders in your personal account vault to your family, these folders (and all their site data) completely disappear from your linked Team/Enterprise account vault. So for example, the financial logins that our CEO shares with his wife via family sharing are completely inaccessible to him on his iPhone or laptop while logged into our enterprise account (which is most of the time). The only way that he can access his bank from his iPhone now is to logout of LassPass, sign-in to his personal LastPass account and then re-auth using the MFA token generator. Then do it all again to go back to the LastPass company account.

Some of our staff have to access different team and personal (aka family) items 60 to 70 times a day. I don't think I'm unreasonable to say that logging out of one account and into another each time just isn't going to work. That was why our company liked the idea of linked accounts - staff could access both personal passwords and corporate passwords without account swapping.

And seems that it is impossible for folders to be shared with both the Family and a the Enterprise. While many passwords are only for corporate use, some groups of passwords need to be shared with both. For example I'd like my 25 or so airline/hotel/car frequent traveller accounts to be accessed by my wife (Family) AND my executive assistant (Team/Enterprise).

Unless we get a viable fix or workaround soon our company is going to drop LastPass because our staff and management are so annoyed that we've messed up their personal LastPass account access. LP support suggested we clone/copy every site and put it in a separate folder, but this isn't scalable. Individually cloning and then managing the 100's of sites that our staff need shared defeats the whole reason we selected LastPass in the first place.

Anyone have a suggestion? Anyone else using LP teams or enterprise running into this issue? All suggestions are greatly appreciated as I'm looking really bad at our company right now for suggesting we use LastPass and I'd like to find a fix ASAP.
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Has this been resolved? I have a personal LP account for years and would like to start a Teams account for work. But I do not want to log in and out of the two accounts all day.
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I agree that prior to the move to Families, we were able to access personal account from Enterprise. I'm surprised that they have not added this capability back yet. My current solution is to primarily use Enterprise at work but I have a remote desktop session to another computer where I run a browser for my personal Lastpass account. This doesn't help if you're on Mobile.
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Same issue here, I have shared folders with my family and I deployed Enterprise to our company. If I link the two together then I cannot see any of my family shared accounts when logged into enterprise.

On PC I have a work around, I have 2 chrome profiles 1 is logged into the family account one is logged into the work account. This works really well for me as we are a GSuite business and I use gmail personally so its nice having 2 broswer sessions a work and a personal... however this doesn't work on mobile. Now on mobile I can't access any of my logins in shared familes folders and logging out of and into a new account on the mobile is extremely painful.

It's annoying that it basically doesn't support 2 paid products from LP.
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Shared folders from linked account are not accessible from the Enterprise account and this is actually expected. Shared folders has different properties than a normal folder and with an appropriate policy any Admin of the Enterprise can potentially have access to users all company wide shared folders which will include users personal shared folders from the linked account
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I have tried the same. Even purchased a family account subscription. But I got a full refund due to missing functionality. Shared family folders simply disappear from enterprise accounts. Now I sadly have to look for a second password manager for my family.
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Ugg - just discovered this flaw as well, after testing family / enterprise side by side and ensuring it wasn't going to mess with personal users. I'm about to get the same set of angry enterprise users at work. Is there any plan for fixing this?
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I have discovered exactly the same problem!

Previously I had a personal premium account and there was the same issue. However I simply shared the folder with my linked Enterprise account.
However with a family subscription you can only share with the family members so this work-around doesn't work. However this does suggest an easy work around.

WARNING - Once you have a family subscription there is no way to cancel this an restore the premium subscription. So I'm stuck with this issue until support can fix my family subscription.

What is the timescale to fix this?
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where is lastpass response support on this topic? i am doing a corporate training tomorrow and recommending people sign up for personal and family accounts and this issue is disappointing.
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Has anyone seen any response from LP indicating they are aware of this issue? Is LP even working on a solution? Are our concerns known, and if so, acknowledged or ignored? It's renewal time for our LP Enterprise account.