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Subdomain matching on Firefox/Chrome

In our company we use LastPass and heavily rely on subdomains all with a common suffix, e.g. "". I use Firefox and the LastPass extension. When I go to a web page there are cases in which the log in details are not automatically filled in. Also there are cases in which I have several logins for the same subdomain which I need to switch depending on what I am doing. One way for me to get lastpass to fill in the details is to click on the lastpass extension icon  on the right in the password field. This shows a list of passwords, but the top ones are never the ones for the subdomain that I am in. I need to additionally click on the magnifying glass to search. I would certainly expect to see on the top of the list the passwords for the subdomain I am in. If I click on the lasstpass extension icon on the browser bar, at least the search box is focused so I can directly write to search. But I don't want to search since I am already in a specific subdomain. I would want to see a list of closest matching passwords so that I can just select the one I need. This is very frustrating for me since I need to do this quite often. Not sure if this is a problem only in Firefox.

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Hi @mauvilsa


If you have a single account shared across multiple subdomains, you can use LastPass to set those sites up as equivalent subdomains so that you don't have independent site entries for each stored in your Vault:


While currently LastPass is not able to show certain entries or pre-load when clicking the Search bar, you could create a folder and move each of the credentials you use for those sites/subdomains in to that folder, so when you need to use them you could click the LastPass icon > All Items > Passwords > Choose the folder you moved the credentials to, or you could add a note in the Notes section when editing the Vault item(s) so that you can easily search for that phrase when using the Search option in the extension. For example, if you put "test 1" in the Notes section of a few Vault entries you could search "test 1" in the extension search bar and see a list of all entries with "test 1" in their Notes quickly.

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@RachelOthank you for the response. However this does not really give me the information that I wanted. Note that I am not talking about equivalent subdomains. I have a very large amount of passwords for different subdomains that have a common domain, e.g. "", "", "" all having in common "". Each subdomain has a different password and there could be more than one password for a single subdomain.

I know about folders and I know about search. But I don't want these. I want a two click solution that does not require me to type to search or scroll a lot.

Say for example that in a browser window I go to "". The lastpass icon in the top bar shows a number, say 79. This seems to mean that there are 79 passwords that matched the domain. I guess it is matching all the ones that have "". When I click on the lastpass icon I see a scrollable list of passwords but I guess it shows them in alphabetical, for example first "". I am already in ""  so I don't want to search or scroll to find that subdomain. I expect that the top passwords of the list to be the ones that match exactly the subdomain that I am in.

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@RachelO  is it clearer now what is my issue? Should this be considered a feature request?

I have also tried this with Google Chrome and it is the same. So this is not something specific to Firefox.

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Hey @mauvilsa! Have you been able to find a solution? I have similar needs so would be interested to hear.
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@geickothere is no solution yet. I have commented but there hasn't been any response to my comments.