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New Contributor

Sudden disappearance of form fills

I've been a LastPass user for a decade. Within the last couple days there was a sudden disappearance of several form fills for credit cards. It seems to occurred simultaneously with a change to UI components to display the form fills, but even when I check my Vault on multiple devices those form-fills are no longer there in the Vault, or in Deleted Items.

I haven't conducted an inventory to see if other things are missing, but it's disconcerting to see items suddenly disappear and creates a significant source of DOUBT in LastPass's ability to reliably store data. This is very concerning, and now I have to suddenly pursue several other storage options, just so that I can even inventory the items I have stored, I thought, securely.

How did this happen? How can it be rectified?
Valued Contributor

Re: Sudden disappearance of form fills

Please refer to the following FAQ article for troubleshooting steps: ... -fill-data