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New Contributor

Super Admin accounts cannot be federated?

We just enabled Okta integration with LastPass and were trying to change some users to be Federated.

I saw that for myself the option was not available (even though under the "Federated" column it says "Not Selected" and not "Not Eligible" like it shows for some users). I thought it was because I was logged in so it would make sense that I cannot make a change on myself, but then I saw that the option was also not available for other users, and the only thing these have in common (at first glance) is that they are all Super Admins.

Couldn't find this under the limitations for federated log in. So I'm wondering what's happening here.

New Contributor

Re: Super Admin accounts cannot be federated?

I have this same question. I have two super admins for which I can't enable federated login.