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Transferring passwords from a free account to a teams account

Our current password database is shared between several Free Versions of LastPass and we'd like to get it moved to a single LastPass Teams account. Is there a way to do this without manually re entering in every single entry from the free account?

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Re: Transferring passwords from a free account to a teams account

Hi @ArachnidIT,


Did you have multiple separate LastPass accounts, which you are now looking to move all of these separate accounts to be part of a Teams account? If so, once you invite/add a user to your Teams account their Vault is not wiped, the Vault contents stay the same. 


If you're looking to "merge accounts" (take multiple LastPass accounts and merge their Vault contents in to one single LastPass account with one username/master password) you would need to export the separate account Vaults to a CSV, then log in to the LastPass account that you'd like to merge all those Vault contents to and Import those .csv files to that one single account

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