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Users added manually and afterwards by Azure AD


I start managing Lastpass for a couple of hundred users. Biggest part of the users have been added through Azure AD and all is well. 


I would like to know however:
- if a user was already added manually, what happens to that user? Will he forever be regarded as a AAD added user or will his status go back to "manually added" after being deleted from the AAD group?
- is there a way to filter the user list to see whether a user is member of a group or not? 


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Re: Users added manually and afterwards by Azure AD

Hi @JVerheye,


The support article here may have some helpful information for your question, if you have any additional questions please reach out to the LastPass Business support team any time and they can definitely answer these questions for you as well. You can access the support phone number through your LastPass Admin Console > Support or if you can't access the admin console you can request a callback by scrolling down and clicking "Contact Support" on this page and entering your business account info and you should then be given the option to receive a callback usually within less than 5 minutes:

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Re: Users added manually and afterwards by Azure AD

Hi, thx for you reply. 

Unfortunately the article doesn't really answer my questions. SCIM is setup and working without issues. I'll check with the channels you proposed. 


Best regards,