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What happens to passwords in shared folders when user gone


I recently purchased lastpass teams for our company.

Right now there is an open question that we still have.
We often use the shared folders to save our passwords so we can share then inside a compartment.

What we are not sure yet is what happens when the user that entered a password to lastpass leaves the company and we delete his account.
Will the passwords he entered in the shared folders remain or will they also get deleted because he is the "owner" of those passwords?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Re: What happens to passwords in shared folders when user gone

Not sure if it will help, but I asked a similar question in a LastPass training session:


Q. Do shared folders remain even if the original creator is gone and/or all the users it was shared with are gone (accounts no longer exist)?


A. The folder does remain, if the original creator was the only admin on the folder than the folder remains however no one will be able to edit the sites, users or permissions. We strongly suggest assigning a super admin of shared folders which give invisible admin access to all shared folders in your organization. super admin of shared folders ensures there is always another admin who can make edits to Shared folders.


From here, I went into our LastPass polices and enabled the one for "Permit Super Admins to Access Shared Folders" (this actually adds the shared folder to my personal vault and I read in one forum where someone suggested making a generic admin account so that it doesn't junk up your personal one). I also noticed in the new admin center under Applications, I can see all the shared folders and assign rights on them there. From the response above, it would 'appear' that both in that location and my personal vault (once that policy is on), I could give someone else rights to that folder

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Re: What happens to passwords in shared folders when user gone

From this LP article, they won't delete:
"Whether a user account is deleted, disabled, or removed from the LastPass Enterprise or Identity account, this will not impact any remaining users or their previously associated shared folders. However, if the departed user was the admin of a shared folder, that folder will be left without an admin. For this reason, it is recommended that you enable the "Permit super admins to access shared folders" policy for at least one admin."