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disabling Azure SCIM users


I am bit uncertain about disabling users in LastPass.
We use Azure AD with SCIM for LastPass so a user is created in LastPass with it's own master password (and ofcourse MFA).

I have a few questions:

1. When a user leaves the organisation, we "block" the sign in Azure for a short period of time (30 days).
What happens to the LastPass access during this time ?

2. In this article it is mentioned how to disable a user in LastPass:
but when I read it, it is about deleting a user and not disabling.

3. In this article it is mentioned how to deprovision a user in LastPass:
But is logging into LastPass blocked at that time?

We want to block sign-ins in LastPass (With Azure SCIM) for a short period of time until we delete the account.
It would be nice when the user is denied in Azure (block sign in) that LastPass would inherit that setting.
But what is the correct procedure?