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"Automatically fill login information" keeps turning ON after beign disabled

This feature is infuriating!!!! It's constantly changing fields on pages that should not be changed. FINE, the page is buggy, but I can't change the website. so I've disabled the AUto FIll.... then suddenly it's turned on again... over and over and over again!!!!! for years this stupid setting has been causeing frustration and confusion trying to find the problem, and knowing that i've already turned off this setting, only to find it turned on again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Support wanted remote access to my machine with senstive data on it. Then they asked me to provide a screen recording... of something that happens randomly in the background, possibly when I reboot or put the computer to sleep?!!?!?


They refuesed to escalate without either of these.


I don't understand why we are still paying you money after you let all of our vaults get stolen and can't even design software that actually rememebers the chosen settings!!!


I will do everything in my power to ensure our organization does not renew the contract for this crap-ware!