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"Try again or look for an email from LastPass if you think you entered valid credentials" error

Hi. I'm an IT admin for a corporate customer. I'm walking users through connecting to new virtual desktops, so of course we have to walk through verifying their new logins on new IP addresses.


We're having people log in and get the reply to look for an email. I have users who never have emails show up, however. We're unable to get into account recovery or one-time passwords, because they are effectively locked out of their existing accounts.


They do receive other emails from LastPass. But not the one to confirm their login.


How do we force the email or account recovery?

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Re: "Try again or look for an email from LastPass if you think you entered valid credentials&qu

Hi @pmp-djames,


Please note that account recovery will not bypass the requirement to verify via email, so we do not recommend users changing their master password. First, if the user has a security email set for their LastPass account they will need to check their security email instead for that verification email. If there isn't a security email set for the account, we recommend having the users check their email account in a browser, instead of through a mail app or mail program, and making sure that these emails aren't being sent to their junk/spam folder instead of the inbox. Please also have them check their email settings to be sure no LastPass or LogMeIn email addresses are being blocked or are on the email's blocklist/blacklist. Additionally, please be sure these email addresses are added to their allowlist/whitelist (or as email contacts) in their email settings:,, After this, attempt to log in to LastPass again which will prompt a new Verification Email to be sent. The subject of the email that you're looking for is "LastPass Security Notification: Login attempt blocked"


I do also see that you're a LastPass Business user, if you would like assistance with this via phone from the Business Support team right away, you can access our Enterprise support number through your LastPass Admin Console > Support.

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