2FA dialog should not log me OUT

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2FA dialog should not log me OUT

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2FA dialog should not log me OUT

When using LastPass I often come back to my computer after an absence (or if the browser crashes or restarts), the browser extension puts up a 2FA dialog along with the restored pages.  I put in a current OTP and recover my session.  This is all OK.


However, sometimes it brings up the 2FA dialog in the background (covered by other windows) or it brings up multiple 2FA dialogs (I've never seen more than two and I don't know why I got those).  In these cases, before I see the existing dialog, I often click on the LastPass icon and log myself in, which brings up yet another 2FA dialog where I type in my OTP and get a new session.  This, so far, is fine.


Then later on, I come across the 2FA dialog in the background.  Of course I'm already logged in so I just close that window, however doing this LOGS ME OUT.  Huh?  That makes no sense.  Logging me out is extremely annoying, and if there are multiple 2FA dialogs, it can log me out multiple times in the same session when I find and close those duplicates.


If I'm properly logged in, closing a 2FA dialog should not log me out.  If an existing 2FA dialog is open and I log in through some other mechanism (either another 2FA dialog or through the toolbar button) then best case it should close all outstanding 2FA dialogs, or at least do nothing when I find them later and close them.