Ability to Archive or Hide Passwords

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Ability to Archive or Hide Passwords

Ability to Archive or Hide Passwords

Pretty straightforward. I have many older passwords that I likely won't use and would like to hide or archive. Yet I am always surprised when I have to go scrape up a PW that's 8 years old I never thought I'd use again.  So I don't want them deleted. I can create a separate folder called "Archive" and place them there, but then I lose my original folder & password hierarchy. If I could check a box called "Archive" then the GUI and/or Settings could give me opportunities to view them or not. Generally they would be out of my search results unless I checked the box that said "Include Archived Passwords". Rule based dynamic smart folders could also be very useful. 

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When credentials (user, password) no longer are required, they can only be removed by deleting. Sometimes it is useful to keep them e.g. to archive the username.


Passwords that are tagged with "Archive"

- must not be suggested when logging in

- must not be listed in folders. Search should be capable of including or excluding archived passwords.

- must not be reviewed in security check and not listed in security dashboard

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This is really needed. I hav a whole folder of "CLOSED" passwords, credit card, etc. They are no longer active but I really need to maintain their records. (For example, I need to know my old credit card numbers that have been hacked, but I don't want those showing up when I try to fill a credit card field.)

This should hide Archived records when showing the list to fill credit cards. Right now I can't fill many of my current active credit cards because of my older inactive credit cards show up and push the higher alphabetical ones off the pop-up list.

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I use an "Archive" Identity for exactly this purpose, but I like the idea of a more straightforward method.

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I have addresses in my vault.  Most of these I don't need in order to fill form in, but I don't want to delete them because it's a convenient place to keep past addresses.

Same goes with old accounts/passwords, cards, notes, etc.


Can we get an "archive" option so that these don't get deleted, but they don't show up on the right-click context menu for filing items in.



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I agree with this! 


I'd like to not delete addresses, for example, but I don't want them showing up in the right-click context menu to fill forms in.

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I've passed this idea along to our development team for consideration in future updates. As somewhat of a workaround in the meantime as someone else mentioned above, you could create an "Archive" Vault identity and move any items there which you do not want to show in the LastPass menus or be suggested when auto-filling on sites.


Here's a guide on how to create and manage Vault identities: https://support.logmeininc.com/lastpass/help/manage-your-vault-identities-lp040001

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After viewing the response from @RachelO I used the method described and it works. However there are three issues I have run into that make it a less-than-ideal situation. First is that two profiles must be created, one to hold the passwords that should show and one to hold the archived passwords. If the first one is not created and just an archive is created the only option is to show All which does not filter out the ones in the archive. Second is that when you have one site to archive (move to the Archive profile) it is quite the process. There is no short, quick easy way to do it. Finally, there is no way to quickly tell when viewing an entry from the All profile which profile, if either, it is in.


Please find a way to make this process easier

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Any eta on this? It is not an ideal solution for archiving to use the identities as it takes a lot of management time and it is per user. We use this for our work and I need to be able to manage everyone's old passwords which I'd prefer to archive instead of having to scroll through all the prompts for old people who have left.


Archiving mail and other things is usually useless for online systems, BUT HERE it is a requirement to keep up-to-date records! Archiving is a feature that is important for keeping secure data organized because this data is needed to keep track of your digital online life history secured, and therefore it is not optional. It would be one of the features that users would think, WOW, "I didn't know I needed archiving."    So just do it!  It only makes sense.

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This is much needed especially with Enterprise accounts that require records of former employees to be merged into other active accounts and items slowly archived without adding bloat to the active users' account.  Also include search features to include/exclude archived items.