Ability to Archive or Hide Passwords

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Ability to Archive or Hide Passwords

Ability to Archive or Hide Passwords

Pretty straightforward. I have many older passwords that I likely won't use and would like to hide or archive. Yet I am always surprised when I have to go scrape up a PW that's 8 years old I never thought I'd use again.  So I don't want them deleted. I can create a separate folder called "Archive" and place them there, but then I lose my original folder & password hierarchy. If I could check a box called "Archive" then the GUI and/or Settings could give me opportunities to view them or not. Generally they would be out of my search results unless I checked the box that said "Include Archived Passwords". Rule based dynamic smart folders could also be very useful. 


and yet another longtime user looking for a method to archive password or note files that you do not want showing up in a search of the active account.  Lastpass ... throw us a line.

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I can't believe this doesn't exist?   It seems so basic!?   We have clients come and go and I really don't want to delete the passwords, but I don't want to see them every day either.


Please put this on the roadmap!

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There has been a request for this feature since at least 2020 https://community.logmein.com/t5/LastPass-Support-Discussions/Feature-Request-Archive-Logins/m-p/258...

The proposed solution "identities" is clunky at best and extremely inconvenient to use.

Simple button to Archive or Hide would be really useful.


Also, when you add your comment that you would like this, perhaps click the "thumbs up" button on the original post.