Ability to Archive or Hide Passwords

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Ability to Archive or Hide Passwords

Ability to Archive or Hide Passwords

Pretty straightforward. I have many older passwords that I likely won't use and would like to hide or archive. Yet I am always surprised when I have to go scrape up a PW that's 8 years old I never thought I'd use again.  So I don't want them deleted. I can create a separate folder called "Archive" and place them there, but then I lose my original folder & password hierarchy. If I could check a box called "Archive" then the GUI and/or Settings could give me opportunities to view them or not. Generally they would be out of my search results unless I checked the box that said "Include Archived Passwords". Rule based dynamic smart folders could also be very useful. 


I have been looking for this feature to be added for a while now to manage the 800+ entries we have.   In our case, we have logins for businesses that have been sold, but the logins and secure notes can be relevant for up to a year or two afterwards for very infrequent use (like tax logins, insurance, etc.).


Another user accurately described why the proposed solution of "identities" does not work in its current form.   Not only would you need to create the "Archive" identity, but you would need to create the inverse to keep only the passwords you want visible since the "All" identity currently shows logins from all identities.  Plus, you cannot have the system default to creating a new password, secure note, etc. in your preferred identity, they just get dropped into "All."   That then requires further active maintenance to place them in the correct identity.


Also, giving Admins the ability to archive centrally rather than by user would be a very welcome feature as well.

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+1!  +5!  +10!  I would label this CRITICAL functionality.  Some of us in enterprise and professional IT roles can amass 1000s of logins.  Being able to manage at this scale is not a nice-to-have,  it is essential functionality for the product to be viable.


My use-case:  I have a folder called "zARCHIVE" full of passwords I dont want to delete but also dont want cluttering up my production environment.

I have followed the directions to create a separate Identity called "ARCHIVE".  I have shared all my archived logins to this new profile.  HOWEVER, the old p/ws remain in my "All" ID, in the zARCHIVE folder.  And if i try to delete them after sharing to the other ID, then the logins disappear from BOTH.


So separate identities is not even a workaround/bandaid/hack solution.  IMO it is a non-solution.


Perhaps after LogMeIn completes spinning LastPass back out into a standalone business unit then they will focus on the product and the users again?  One can hope.


I have also registered, just to Upvote this request. 

Please, this would be great.

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Please add this feature!!!!

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This is critical functionality for enterprise IT users. Just echoing the others here...


Unfortunately I the "archive identity" workaround does work for my business account, so I would welcome this, too.




This is a must have! Not only for security and productivity, but also for nostalgia. I'd like to always be able to show those old accounts I used to use. These accounts in a tag/folder "archive" etc., still count for the built-in security checks and it messes with my overall stats/result of the LastPass Vault safety review.

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I upvoted this awhile back and have been following it for over a year. What discourages me is that I see no indication that the product team is even looking at this suggestions, much less the supporting comments, in this community. Not only based on this one but on others I have been monitoring as well. Looks like it is time to find an alternate solution.

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This really must be an easy tweak to the system for such a powerful feature; I can't understand why there is any debate/delay over implementation? C'mon LastPass, you've got to do better, especially now you're charging and sneaking in 50% increases.  


Please add this feature, the “Identities Workaround” doesn’t work well for shared passwords and is difficult to maintain.  Each time I add a new password I have to remember to add it to my “Active Passwords Identity”.  With LastPass Families it’s impossible to keep everyone in sync.  A simple “Archive Check Box” that stoped a password from being suggested and automatically hid it from the default vault view would do the trick.