Ability to edit Password 'Name' in browser plugin

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Ability to edit Password 'Name' in browser plugin

Ability to edit Password 'Name' in browser plugin

When creating an account on a website and the browser plugin pops up, asking if you want to save the password for that site, there is no way to edit the Name for that username/password set.


I have multiple accounts at various websites, due to supporting a number of clients, so I need to customise the name for each username/password set, otherwise when I go to log in, Last Pass just shows a list of 'username/password set Names', and all the Names are the same.

New Member

Looking for the same functionality.  Name is crucial for me when trying to identify which login to use on sites on which I have multiple accounts so I'm always giving a custom name for my entries.  I'm adding 95% of the new accounts trough quick add via chrome plugin which is great but it's missing the "name" filed so that I don't have to go into my vault and change the name manually every time. 

New Contributor

I’ve been suggesting something similar for years. When you get a list of passwords at the bottom of the screen to choose from, please Lastpass show them as “Names” not “Usernames”. I have specific Names for my passwords. By listing them under Usernames I can’t tell which password it is. Most Usernames are account numbers or emails. Dashlane lists all the password options under “Names”. So much more logical.