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Accept Bitcoin payments

Accept Bitcoin payments

Now that the free version will be crippled soon, I once again like you guys to consider accepting Bitcoin to pay for premium.


Lastpass stores the most sensitive information people have in their life, and they should be able to keep that from being linked with their home address and payment information.


I would have been a Premium user for YEARS if not for the privacy-eroding requirement of paying by Credit Card. Now I am intending to switch to an alternative that is more sensible.

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Being able to pay in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin Cash or Monero or Ethereum, will also really help and boost business because cryptocurrency users actually handle their payments very well.

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Except that the trust that backs bitcoin is a lot less secure than the trust that backs the dollar, pound, euro, yen, yuan, or most other physical currencies. You can say that technology backs bitcoin until the cows come home but in the end, it's trust, including trust in the technology, that backs it, just like every other currency, and bitcoin doesn't have much of that outside its small sphere of disciples. Anybody with a profitable crypto trading bot is making bitcoin through trading. Bots are great for making tons of small trades, $5-$20 profitable trades, 5x to 10x a day. It's not a lot of money, but it adds up, and it's fun. Usually on really cheap coins that have good volatility.

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Hi there and Hope you're doing great. 

I'm using LastPass for many years. But I have never been able to purchase the premium version of it! Because, Unfortunately I live in a country that we don't access to PayPal, Visa, Mater, etc. Please add cryptocurrency payment gateway so that many people like me can purchase your premium version. Thanks a lot in advance.

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