Add Folders or Groups to LastPass Authenticator

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Add Folders or Groups to LastPass Authenticator

Add Folders or Groups to LastPass Authenticator

As the list of Tokens entered in LastPass Authenticator grows, it can become unwieldy to have to scroll through a long list to find the one you're looking for. It would be nice to have groups or folders so the tokens can be grouped, reducing the size of the list of tokens to scroll through.  Since the left and right swipe actions are not currently used in the iOS app, this motion could be used to switch between groups or the current "My Accounts" at the top could be a drop down to select the group.


Thank you!

New Member

Such feature can greatly improve the usability of the app. It is just insane to use the "Edit" and manually drag the bottom token to the top when you have dozens of tokens.


This feature can be optional as well for those users with few tokens.

New Contributor

Given that you can already put passwords into folders why cant you view all passwords within a folder. Seems obvious but doesn’t seem possible.

New Member

Such a needed feature!


With a lot of sites increasing the need for MFA I've started needing an authenticator app for work. It would be so good if the authenticator app could group work items and categorise accounts. At the moment it's a very manual task to manually group and provide a naming convention for the verification codes.