Add an option for Default auto-login of all sites

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Add an option for Default auto-login of all sites

Add an option for Default auto-login of all sites

It would be nice if we were able to set the auto-login preferences from a global setting, as opposed to having to change each one. I am someone who would prefer LastPass to login me to sites automatically (as a default setting), while allowing me to make exceptions (i.e. don't automatically log me in).

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Good simple suggestion.   I prefer to have it off on most sites, but I can see the motivation and would bet my preference is the exception. 
Problem: Currently, when more than one credential set for auto-login matches a given web page, none of them fire.  That should be addressed first.  Otherwise, a bad side effect of a poor implementation of this suggestion is that it would become a far more commonly tripped over problem.


Also, Note: Automatically fill login information is already a global option -- in Preferences ... General.

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I second this 


we just need that don't pay attention to Logic, I prefer to have that enable and disable it when I have to I se this for a lot of  IT Stuff and that option by default would a life saver and time saver for me

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Why not have this preference as a user-selectable on/off option rather than configuring the product to do it one way or the other as default.  From a CX perspective, it's all about me setting my preferences to how I want the software to work for me.

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Ironically, I had to enable autologin for the logmein community entry when I was prompted to log in after trying to thumbs-up this suggestion.  😂