Add option for "Common words" to the Password Generator

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Add option for "Common words" to the Password Generator

Add option for "Common words" to the Password Generator

I would like to see an implementation of a common words password generator as seen here:


It would be much easier to remember than the phonetic spelling or random characters.

New Member

Yes very much support the generation of a common words pass phrase. It would be especially useful for those circumstances when I don't have LastPass open (eg for master LastPass password) and for logging into my work computer which now requires a 16 digit (!) password. For that length, it is much easier to remember a pass phrase than a random jumble of characters (I'm ok to memorise up to 8-10 characters but after that my memory gets dodgy)

I did use a free random word generator website but felt pretty uneasy about it so generated far more words than I needed and did it from a different device. I would much rather  have LastPass generate them. 

New Contributor

Very much agree with these visionary Users of LastPass! Have been a user of LastPass for some years and want to stick with it despite all the bad press following recent security breaches.

Many security buffs are now advocating using Pass Phrases (random words) which are easier to remember instead of the earlier gobbledegook suggestions.


Would be nice to have this option in future releases of LastPass!