Add option to give Yubikeys names

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Add option to give Yubikeys names

Add option to give Yubikeys names

I have multiple YubiKeys and recently started refreshing my keys to the latest versions. While transferring my accounts to the new keys, I noticed that there is absolutely no way to differentiate them in the LastPass account management page. This lack of identifiers makes the process unnecessarily cumbersome and it should really be a trivial thing to remedy.


Most other services allow you to give each key a nickname and provide you with the date that they were added. e.g. GitHub:

Nicknames and Registration dates are usefulNicknames and Registration dates are useful


If one were to have a single one of their keys compromised in a disaster scenario (e.g. it gets stolen), being forced to resort to remove each and every key from their account and then subsequently re-add each key they wish to use would be a thoroughly infuriating process (and - if their YubiKeys are their only form of 2FA - needing completely removing all devices could essentially mean forcing them to completely disable 2FA for their account for a period of time).

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 I agree. I've four Yubikeys setup with my account, 2 per laptop. Two are USB C and 2 NFC. And the only way to keep track of which is which is writing down which one is Yubikey 1, Yubikey 2, etc. as they are added to my account. Inevitably I forget where the note is and have remove the keys and re-enter them.