Add "Archive" tag to passwords to allow to deactivate witout deleting

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Add "Archive" tag to passwords to allow to deactivate witout deleting

Add "Archive" tag to passwords to allow to deactivate witout deleting

When credentials (user, password) no longer are required, they can only be removed by deleting. Sometimes it is useful to keep them e.g. to archive the username.


Passwords that are tagged with "Archive"

- must not be suggested when logging in

- must not be listed in folders. Search should be capable of including or excluding archived passwords.

- must not be reviewed in security check and not listed in security dashboard

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It would be helpful if you could switch off certain vaults or combine vaults into groups. Often several vaults are used together, e.g. mail, shopping, e-banking without a company.

Or an archive vault, which can be searched in the overview, but neither username nor password is displayed in the forms.

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I'm struggling to believe that this isn't a thing yet. Using identities isn't a practicable solution given the steps required to move a single item, and the nuclear option of deleting is certainly not a goer.  

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This would be very useful for our business. 

We have many logins that are no longer in use, but would like to keep for reference. 

It's annoying when you want to search for something and they come up in the search results.

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Yeah, I too can't understand how this feature is not thought of or implemented already. 


I have for example a bunch of old credit cards, cancelled insurance policies, addresses etc. I want to for example with the click of a button archive, and hide all old insurances in the insurance tab, but also have them for old reference.


And no, I shouldn't need to come up with workarounds to do that. 


Common Lastpass, step it up!

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Archive could actually be a great feature for LastPass. I have to agree with sincitizen99  

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It's difficult to imagine why this hasn't been implemented already and would be greatly appreciated, especially considering recent changes to LP's business model. We need an Archive function.