Add reminder for site/service renewals

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Add reminder for site/service renewals

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Add reminder for site/service renewals

When singuping up on sites/services as you create your user/password,

some sites include subscription be it monthly or yearly fee.

This happens during initial site registration,  which is about the only time we actually  remember when we'll need to renew.


As it so often happens we forget about this when it's time to renew.
For better or for worse, depending on how much we would like the to keep or ditch the service.


It would be great if Lastpass, while "capturing"/saving a new site to the vault,

would include an option to set a renewal reminder,

alerting the user in advance that a site could, in some cases, automatically renew the subscription. 


Sure sites should remind you,  not all do,  some only after the fact that you've been billed.