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All Items List > Add a "password last modified" column

All Items List > Add a "password last modified" column

I'm currently in the process of updating all my passwords, as a result of the recent LastPass security incident.

However, I don't have a way to keep track of where I'm up to (I have hundreds of credentials).

Feature Request: For the "All Items List", please show a "password last modified column", so I can sort by when the password was last changed, and see if the password was recently changed, or whether it's "old".


(Additionally, it would be good to be able to export this data to a CSV).

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I found a these other feature requests related to "show password last changed date".

Please signal boost this feature, by upvoting this issue ->

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The reality is that given their data breach, this feature is essential.  We know that the user vaults were stolen on or about August, 2022 (and perhaps thereafter - LastPass hasn't said exactly). That means any vault containing a password of that age or older is vulnerable should the hackers manage to reverse engineer/decrypt what they have already stolen.  

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And how about visual tag, maybe make a corner of each tile in the vault green or something to indicate that the password was changed after a user settable date?- let us filter the search results by weather or not the password was changed to help concentrate on what's left.

I'm losing track of what passwords have been changed, I only have 1000 things in my vault. too bad i can't change my kids SSN#s