Allow authenticator to run on different devices

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Allow authenticator to run on different devices

Allow authenticator to run on different devices

I'd like to try the passwordless feature but I do not want to lock-in my two-factor to a single device. I currently use Authy because it easily allows me to load it onto a desktop or another mobile device so I can continue to login to my accounts.  It seems LastPass authenticator has a restore from cloud option but only after you go through a circuitous recovery process.  Why not allow a more seamless way to load the authenticator onto other devices directly?  Phones get lost. Phones break.  Some just move to different phones regularly.  

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Yeah agreed, I use my number on the same device as a backup, but I have 3 devices that I use for authentication, but with LastPass Authenticator I can use only one as I can't even use a passcode from another device (since I can't even have option to use a passcode). It's a little frustrating and actually made me go back to Google Authenticator as I'd rather have possibility of using 3 devices for authentication with a passcode than a single one but passwordless.

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Admins can enable 2FA for users, requiring them to set up and use 2FA. Admins can also reset an existing 2FA setup if a user has lost access to their 2FA app. 

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Yeah I'd like to have 2FA lasspass to be able to sync with my phone and Ipad