Allow show password to be large type font

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Allow show password to be large type font

Allow show password to be large type font

My aging parents use 1Password with my brother as the family administrator. The user interface has an option when you reveal a password to reveal it in large type. This is extremely helpful with older people or people with just poor eyesight when they are using Last Pass on a mobile device and typing onto a computer to use a password.


I frequently have to do this, since I don't have the extension installed at work. 

Active Contributor

Adding a second to this...when you show a password show it LARGE and CLEAR. Especially on your mobile apps the font is WAY too small even though I have large fonts set system-wide. Most things we read we are just going by the outline of the letters and don't really care what is there in specifics, but with passwords we need to see every double ll or ili or anything that your small fonts don't show. Best might be a way to select font size for showing passwords only or have a 'Show passwords in GIANT text' option.

New Contributor

Yea, I know right, my wife also has a bad sight and it would be so much better to make it larger.