Better UI suggestions for LastPass Authenticator

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Better UI suggestions for LastPass Authenticator

Better UI suggestions for LastPass Authenticator

Once you get more than a few accounts enrolled with Authenticator, it gets difficult to manage them and find the code you want, since they're in a list in the order you created them, and they all look the same and each one takes up more screen real estate than it should. I know you can manually re-order them, but some better ideas might be:


- Option to automatically alphabetize

- Icons to visually designate the website (all the other competing authenticator apps do this!)

- "Favorites" list

- Category folders


Thanks for listening!

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I was going to post my own suggestions, but jd2k covered absolutely everything I'd ask for!


Even without the icons – and having previously used Authy, I can say that they are incredibly helpful – being able to split up my work and personal accounts at minimum would be fantastic. Having a more simplified, icon-based view of sites and only showing one code at a time would help in searching for the one you need. In the current list, better differentiation between rows would be wonderful, and could be easily accomplished with a slight grey background between alternating rows.

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There should also be an option for smaller fontsizes to gain more overview

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 MMTC Student Sign In  then you have placed at the right place, cause Here in this article of mine.


I agree that it takes time after adding a good amount of accounts. Would also add the following:

- tap “sort alpha” to sort alpha ⬆️, tap again to sort alpha ⬇️
- option to sort by recent use ⬆️ and ⬇️
- option to sort by most and less used

- similar to iOS Contacts, option to turn on/off A-Z# vertically on the right or left of the screen to quickly scroll


Some of these would also be useful on LastPass App and even more if the UI had some features standardized since most of the time users will have both. Hate having to go and search for settings on Apps often. 


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folders are required now, the vault does it, why can't the authenticator app do it.


we need folders for work, folders for personal etc etc