Better trusted devices management

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Better trusted devices management

Better trusted devices management

The trusted devices screen can be improved a lot by adding a bit more information about the devices. Things that LastPass is probably already logging anyway, but chooses not to show the user. I often end up with several devices listed there, without any clue of what are the currently active ones. By adding the following fields we can have a real management:


  • Timestamp of last access / last time used
  • Operating System
  • Browser
  • Timestamp of registration

Adding to that, it would be great to have some "obsolete device notification" that would ask the users if they would like to remove that device, or even an automated way of removing devices after (3, 6, 12) months of inactivity.


One thing is for sure, the amount of information displayed today gives us almost no control over it, other than purging all devices and re-enrolling them every few months.


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Totally agree