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Bookmarking Feature

Bookmarking Feature

Lastpass should offer its customers more value for the money by offering a bookmarking capability. Since the product essentially bookmarks login pages, it shouldn't be too difficult to expand the functionality to include generic bookmarks with the ability to sort and categorize them. Thanks -- been a customer since 2015.

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I just came here to suggest this, If added, 2 suggestions, 1 if they are put in the Bookmarks? folder, then sync them to the browser (not sure if you can have the browser sync back to lastpass, but that would also be awesome). Lastpass is the only thing I *always* install in a browser.

New Member

Hello LastPass, any progress on this feature request? 


I, too, am interested in bookmark syncing with the LastPass interface.  You already know half of my bookmarks given you are storing my passwords for them.  Can you also support syncing my other bookmarks so that I can sync across browsers?


Please comment on this thread or tell me where to make a feature request for LastPass.  This would add value to your product and potentially keeping me from looking for another alternative for passwords and bookmarks.