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Brave Browser Support

Brave Browser Support

How about support for Brave browser?

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Currently Brave is not an officially supported browser for LastPass, although we have let our developers know that users are interested in support for the Brave browser. While there's no news to share currently you can always check the System Requirements page in the future to see if support has been added for any additional browsers. 

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  • On Win10 and Android, I've been using LP with Brave. I'm using the Chrome extension on Win10 and the LP Premium on Android. Integration appears to work, although the Android version sometimes requires a long press in the password field to bring up the fill notice. Some sites do not accept the auto fill, but generally it works well. 
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Brave is my preferred browser for general browsing, and I only use other browsers for "Big Tech browser isolation" as a security practice.  So having LastPass support in Brave is of high importance to me.


I have been used LastPass in Brave with no issues for some time.   I finally purchased LastPass last month.  Then, suddenly, not long after this, LastPass will expire its session in Brave immediately after login.  (You login, you see your vault for <1 sec, and then you are logged back out.)


So what was working fine for me suddenly halted right after I purchased LastPass.  Now its become harder to use LastPass with Brave.


I did find the article about different browser support and I did setup as a site that can always use cookies.  But this doesn't work for me.  Perhaps there is a new setting in a Brave update that must be considered?


I would appreciate any helpful guidance so I can get back to a normal use of LastPass

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I am with @dlance here. Huge user of Brave and Chrome for "big tech" tracking limitations...

Also Brave has an awesome feature of creating an "app" from a website on the start menu in Windows, which I love for Email, Trello and other commonly used sites.


So I would really love to see full integration with Brave.


@dlance your issues are unusual - I have been using Lastpass and Brave for some time with only small problems.

Brave does remove sessions on every restart, which is a little annoying, and the "remember for 30 days" thing also goes - something to do with the way cookies are stored in extensions and other sites I believe - quite different in brave. There must be some way of fixing that, maybe a setting, or maybe Lastpass needs to fix it.


Cheers and thanks for the great work Lastpass. I have been a loyal premium customer for at least  8 years now. Recommend to everyone.

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I can provide an update.  The issue I mentioned appears to be sporadic.   The above issue I mentioned (immediate forced logout immediately after a login) does not occur all the time.  I have been analyzing to find a clue as to why it works some time and not work at other times.


One possible pattern I see:  If I visit a web site in Brave and my credentials are not provided by LastPass, then I can open another tab, visit, and login.  Most of the time for this scenario LastPass seems to work (maybe 8 times out of 10).   LastPass remains logged in and accessible, and credentials are provided to the other site.


However, if I just start Brave, visit and enter my account credentials without visiting any other site, it will immediately have a forced logout about 100% of the time.   I will then launch another browser immediately (say, Edge) and try the same thing... and it works with no issue (no forced logout).  A login only seems to persist if I visit another site first and then I must login to LastPass as a response in Brave.


If I see any other clues I will provide them.


Definitely hope that Brave support becomes official... it's a really, really good browser not tied to Big Tech

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Brave is my go to browser and lastpass was working fine for many months. But the past week Lastpass was so buggy that I removed the extension in hope of a clean install will fix it. Now I can't even download the extension to brave anymore. Hopefully you team can add Brave to your tech support. 

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+1 for Brave support

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Please create a way for Brave Browser users to install and use LastPass/browser extension. I do not use the other browsers for the same reason I would like to install LassPass - because Brave protects me from trackers, etc. and offers more security. I will not be using LastPass unfortunately unless this is established. 


Thanks so much for this consideration.







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I recently, finally got around to downloading brave browser, and I  very much enjoy a basic seamless transition from the chrome browser. The one area missing is Last Pass context menu usability. With chrome I can right click and then find the form fill I need for filling out my snail mail address, bank account info credit cards etc. This is a huge feature in chrome and the only thing I can think of that I can't do on Brave, but it is almost enough to keep me from using the Brave browser. Sometimes, you get a context menu, but there is the "other" category that I see in Chrome, that I use most often and need for the form fills. Is there a way to make this feature available in Brave? Seems like it might be a fairly easy thing to implement, and maybe there is some kind of hack already available?