Bring TOTP to familyaccounts.

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Bring TOTP to familyaccounts.

Bring TOTP to familyaccounts.

Teams, Enterprise en Identity accounts have the ability to create TOTP so it can be shared with others.

Bring is option also tot Family accounts. This could be very usefull for example, shared emailaccounts

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I'd love to learn why this isn't on family or other accounts.


This would be awesome.

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Leave the shared family accounts and the ability to share TOTP across those shared accounts. Let them first bring that feature of generating TOTP within the password record for sites like they do for enterprises users for their regular premium/family users. 
All other major password managers provide that option for premium users like BitWarden, Dashlane, Myki and Keeper. LastPass is lagging in that regard with being the highest charged service on the list. But this article says LastPass brought that feature in...Couldn't see it anywhere. 2021-06-30_13h03_21.jpg


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Not just family accounts... but allow viewing the TOTP seed.