Bring back Touch ID support for Mac app

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Bring back Touch ID support for Mac app

Bring back Touch ID support for Mac app

I would like to unlock my LastPass Vault on my Mac with Touch ID. This was possible with the old app, but not with the current app.

Could you please bring Touch ID back to the Mac app?
New Member

I second this. I tried to enable fingerprint authentication in my browser and was disappointed to find out "TouchID isn't supported" by LastPass, then upon searching the community forums was doubly disappointed that it used to be! Bring it back please.

New Member

Please, for the love of god bring back the touchid support. I love the app on iOS but absolutely hate it on my Mac.

New Member

I'm throwing in the towel. The lack of TouchID support has been a problem for a while, and LastPass/LogMeIn don't seem to think that biometric authorization is a priority for them to fix. That's too bad. I've been a paying LastPass customer almost since the beginning, but I'm now moving to another password manager. Looking at Dashlane or 1Password.