Bring back the old Security Challenge.

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Bring back the old Security Challenge.

Bring back the old Security Challenge.

There were MANY uses for this that is NOT duplicated by the new dashboard.

Mainly there is no way to check password age at a glance.  (Yes, you can go into each password with edit and get that info, but really?) 

Let's look at some simple reasons for knowing this: 


You need to confirm that a recent change to a password is stored in Last Pass. 

You have to share an account password temporarily with someone to be able to do work, or just share the Netflix at a friends but then be able to double check that it's been changed without going into the edit screen and sometimes the edit screen won't have the information. 

It was useful to know how long I have had an account, etc. 


I use the date and last used to be able to winnow passwords I am not using from LastPass or even to delete unused accounts with my information. 


Up until today I could get the feature by going to other versions on mobile or the like. But it's apparently gone again.   When you are pushing for more to becoming paying customers, you don't REMOVE features and succeed. 

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How can this not have more interest?
The new Dashboard is awful! And the Security Challenge is still on mobile, so the functionality is still there, it has just been purposefully removed from the desktop! But is much harder to use on mobile. Please bring this functionality back!